Wednesday, 01 August 2018 08:25

Intersection accidents too common

Bairnsdale Main Street claimed two more vehicles on Monday afternoon with one driver failing to give way resulting in two cars being towed away. It is understood an East Gippsland man in a Holden Commodore was travelling west along Main Street when another East Gippsland man driving a Hyundai, travelling along Grant Street, either turning onto or crossing the highway from the north, failed to give way. The Commodore collided into the driverʼs side of the Hyundai, which then spun to be hit again on the passenger side. Both gentlemen were shaken but uninjured. A number of Bairnsdale Fire Brigade volunteers were at the scene, as were Bairnsdale police. Bairnsdale Fire Brigade captain, Aaron Lee, said the incident was of a kind too often seen along Bairnsdaleʼs Main Street. “It so easily happens. So many cars will come to an intersection, and being a give way sign they quickly look and think theyʼre okay, so they go.

They think theyʼre clear, but a whole car can fit in the A-pillar of a car (blind spot),” he said. “It happens all the time over near the water tower. If they can get a bit of lead up they can see a car before the A-pillar, but the water tower blocks it and they just go.” Captain Lee said the CFA had made application to VicRoads about eight months ago to have all the give way signs in Main Street changed to stop signs. “They determined that the risk was not high enough to have a stop sign,” he said. “They should all be stop signs along here.” Bairnsdale Highway Patrol Senior Constable Russell Hodge agreed that stops signs would be better, though he believes the intersections would still be a problem while drivers continue to ignore traffic signs. “This is just another Main Street intersection where people just donʼt look at the signs,” Sen Con Hodge said. “On Main Street we need stop not give way signs. “Then we just need people to obey the stop signs. Thatʼs our next really big issue. “We have a rally big problem with people treating stop signs as give way signs. “Weʼve had a number of complaints from the schools around here about that. “If thereʼs a stop sign, you have to stop. Thatʼs all there is to it.”