Monday, 30 July 2018 08:36

Gas leak forces Paynesville evacuation

A gas main leak in Paynesville on Friday evening forced the evacuation of a number of homes and forced electricity to be cut as emergency services personnel and the gas company had the situation rectified more than six hours later. Fortunately, there were no injuries as a result of the incident. The leak was the result, as the Advertiser understands, of a tap into the gas line failing. Workers were installing a new gas line from in front of 98 Langford Parade across the road to a unit development, when the incident occurred at 4.45pm. Local firefighters, in about five pumpers, were on hand to hose water onto the leaking gas while gas company personnel, from Warragul, isolated the leak and clamped the main. Police had road closures in place and ambulance personnel were also on hand, treating at least one resident for gas inhalation.

Residents in nearby properties were evacuated, included Bruce Jennings and his wife, who live in the property at the incident site. Mr Jennings video and photographed part of the action, including the gas pouring out of the line, which he said sounded like a jet engine. Mr Jennings’ front yard is considerable water logged given the volume of water used over the course of the incident. Many residents were initially unaware of why power had been cut to their properties. Emergency Management Victoria issued community information warnings at 6.08pm and 8.01pm, both advising of a gas leak in Williams Street saying emergency services were attending the incident and there was no threat to communities. Locals report it’s the second gas leak in Paynesville in the past 12 months.