Wednesday, 28 March 2018 08:39

Snow bunnies ecstatic with Easter treat

Forget the Easter bunny, what about the snow bunnies? Mt Hotham awoke to a winter wonderland on Monday morning in a great reminder that winter is just around the corner. Temperatures dropped to as low as -3.8 degrees at 7.30am, with snow starting to fall overnight and continuing through the night and into the morning. This is the second time it has snowed at Mt Hotham this year, with the first dusting occurring in mid-January - a surprise to all. The locals are ecstatic with the early snowfall and are already out enjoying the snow.

This early snowfall is a good indication of a great season to come, with early snowfalls also preceding the 2017 season, which was the best in over a decade. Manager of innovation and guest services at Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board, Kevin Raymond, said the snowfall is a good indication of the winter season to come and itʼs a taste for people to start thinking about their winter holiday. “I say this is a good indication we are in for a good winter. We have already had one snowfall this year in January and with a second one in March it indicates so far things are shaping up for an excellent season,” Mr Raymond said. “Usually when we get this dump of snow it gets people excited and starting to think about planning their winter holiday, itʼs as a good reminder that the snow season isnʼt far off.”