Monday, 13 November 2017 09:51

Alpine trails not to be missed

Mt Hotham’s bushwalking season has finally arrived with the most comprehensive bushwalking program and tracks and trails network to suit all ages and fitness levels. The mountain is home to an iconic range of alpine tracks and trails, with access to picturesque scenery, unique flora and fauna, and some of the region’s richest indigenous and gold mining history. Mt Hotham will also reintroduce its free summer bushwalking program, which will kick off on Boxing Day and will run over the long weekends between December and April. The Summer Guided Bushwalking Program is now in its sixth year of operation, a unique activity to Mt Hotham for visitors to enjoy. Each walk has strong historical themes, where individuals can explore the gold mining history and learn how the golden era eventually transformed the region from wilderness to the resort we know today.

Mt Hotham’s Tourism Information Coordinator, Jo Kortman, said that the tracks and trails offering at Mt Hotham was an experience not to be missed when visiting the alpine area. “For those coming up to Mt Hotham this summer and looking for activities to do, I say get into it and get out there,” Miss Kortman said. “Take a short stroll and learn about the history of Hotham, take in some of the most stunning mountain views or set out for the day, deep into the valley and explore some of our historic huts and natural resources. “We are very lucky to be the only Victorian Alpine Resort to be running free guided tours, where our tour guides offer visitors passionate local knowledge you can’t find anywhere else. “A very special flower that only blooms this time of the year is the alpine marsh marigold, which generally only flowers while under the snow, but if you’re lucky enough they can be found just after the snow melt,” she said.