Monday, 30 October 2017 08:32

Lindenow Primary declares a war on waste

Grade two students at Lindenow Primary School have declared a war on waste at their school after viewing part of the ABC documentary series War On Waste and being star participants of East Gippsland Shire Council’s waste education program. After watching the series, students invited council’s waste education officer, Michelle Kearns, to visit so they could learn more about waste and recycling and have all their tricky questions answered. A few weeks later it was time to get their hands dirty in a comprehensive waste audit. Joined by ResourceSmart schools facilitator, Beck Lamble, Ms Kearns returned with supplies (rubber gloves and tarps) so the class could see how much waste the school generated in a single day. The audit also showed students’ food waste was the school’s biggest waste type.

The students then went on an excursion to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Bairnsdale, where recyclable items are sorted, and the Bairnsdale Landfill. “The benefit of these tours is the students saw first-hand what happens to items put in waste and recycling bins,” Ms Kearns said. Teacher, Beth Martin said the class loved the excursion and is ready to make some changes at school - and have already started at home. As a next step, the class has made a huge list of ideas they would like to implement at school to reduce waste and increase recycling and composting. Council offers its waste education free to all schools, kindergartens, early learning facilities and community groups in East Gippsland. If you would like to arrange a session, talk, or tour one of the facilities, contact the waste education officer.