Monday, 09 October 2017 10:26

Student art a new feature in the mall

The completion of a public art project, featuring the work of local prep students, was celebrated in the Nicholson Street Mall recently. Local artist, Tracey McKeown, was commissioned to manage the project and collaborate with a range of local artists and primary students to create works to feature on the bollards in Bairnsdale’s Nicholson Street Mall. The children were asked to draw their own imaginary characters, resulting in more than 170 drawings being developed. The primary schools involved in the project were Lucknow, Bairnsdale, Bairnsdale West, Clifton Creek, Swan Reach, Eagle Point, Paynesville and Lindenow. The artists then selected 12 drawings to reimagine in their preferred medium such as painting, glass sculpture, photography, cartooning and mixed media.

The final designs were printed onto vinyl banners to bring colour and liveliness to the mall’s entryways. Many family and friends attended the opening, which included a certificate presentation by mayor, Cr Joe Rettino, and morning tea including cupcakes featuring the students’ designs. The artists who created the bollard art from the students’ concepts were Alfie Hudson, Alan Solomon, Rachael Pollac, Kate Shone, Josephine Jakobi, Jesse Kidd, Crystal Stubbs, Tracey McKeown and Lee Nickless.