Wednesday, 04 October 2017 10:01

Brazilian trailer deal

Kennedy Trailers in Bairnsdale has just signed a deal with a Brazilian company to manufacture its iconic folding log trailers in the country. The companyʼs chief executive, Cory Kennedy, said itʼs hoped the first trailer will be built in Brazil before Christmas. Mr Kennedy was in the southern Brazilian state of Parana in August to strike the deal with Pastre Road Equipment. Itʼs envisaged that once manufacturing cranks up, more than 200 of the folding log trailers will be produced in Brazil each year. Mr Kennedy said he had been exploring overseas markets for about five years and was “thrilled about the Brazilian deal”. “My vision has been globally based for a long time and to have some of these projects come off is very exciting,” heʼs said. “Itʼs still early days, but itʼs great to be able to say we now have a manufacturer in Brazil. “Itʼs the first of many opportunities weʼre looking at at the moment.” Kennedy Trailers built the first folding log trailer in 1989 and from there developed 15 different combinations. The idea behind the model was accessibility. In Australia, logging contractors have to negotiate a lot of mountainous landscape.

“You canʼt get a flat tow trailer into a lot of areas of Australia and if you did a big turning circle was needed to get them out again,” Mr Kennedy explains. “So it was about access and ease of getting in and out of places.” The local company currently manufactures around 100 folding log trailers for the Australian market each year, but Brazil has a much larger market. In Australia, trees are harvested and felled between 15-25 years, while Brazilʼs tree growing cycle is about a third of that. “Theyʼre big loggers in Brazil,” Mr Kennedy said. In Brazil, businesses are taxed by the number of axles they have on the road. So having a folding truck in which the axles can be reduced from nine to four or seven to three is a big cost saver, Mr Kennedy told the News. In the past two years, Kennedy Trailers has branched out in its search for overseas markets. In 2015, the business signed a deal with Panus, the biggest trailer manufacturer in Thailand. Since its inception three decades ago, Kennedy Trailers has slowly grown and expanded. Patriarch, Garry Kennedy, still closes most of the sales for the business, while his two sons, Cory and Lynden, gently steer the ship. Lynden is chief financial officer while Cory is chief executive. “Dad is a gun salesman, we canʼt slow him down,” Cory Kennedy said.