Monday, 24 July 2017 08:56

The good folk of Bairnsdale

Putting Bairnsdale and surrounding areas in the spotlight, comedian Damian Callinan’s Town Folk, a first of its kind, brought locals to the fore at the Forge Theatre and Arts Hub on Friday night. Featuring film segments and audience participation, the show brought to the stage the places and personalities that make Bairnsdale the lively place it is, which Damian composed over the past week. Segments included questionable training drills with Wy Yung Football Netball Club, learning from the young folk of Bairnsdale West Primary School, and trivia to see who knows Bairnsdale better than a councillor with Cr John White (he lost). People in the streets of Bairnsdale were surveyed, while improving the water tower with inside bungee jumping, a flying fox from St Mary’s Church to tower, a revolving restaurant and cheap day care among the propositions. ‘Sponsored’ by Paynesville Community Craft Centre, Damian gave away handcrafted goods to those willing to come on stage as representatives for Bairnsdale.