Wednesday, 05 July 2017 08:41

Yes, it was very cold!

Yes, winter is here, and though Bairnsdale may have hit the lowest temperature since 1986 on Sunday morning, you donʼt need to look at the thermometer to know that itʼs been darn chilly at the moment. Bairnsdaleʼs lowest temperature on record was -3.5 degrees Celsius on July 14, 1986. That was until Sunday, when, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, the mercury dipped to a record low of -5.3 degrees at 6am. It ʻfelt likeʼ -9.1. Even Mt Hotham was warmer than Bairnsdale at the time, itʼs lowest temperature for the night only reaching -0.5 at 1.30am, though Omeo was -6.3 (felt like -10.6). Further east, Orbost didnʼt reach the negatives, though when it was 1.6 degrees at 7am on Sunday it ʻfelt likeʼ -1.6. Bairnsdaleʼs temperature dropped to the minuses at around 11.30pm on Saturday night and hovered around -1, dropping again by about four degrees in the hour from 5am Sunday morning. Positive temperatures did not return for Bairnsdale until about 9am Sunday morning, but that doesnʼt mean it felt any warmer, with those not enjoying a significant sleep in dealing with frosted grass and frozen windscreens. Birdbaths, pet water bowls and stock water troughs across Gippsland felt the wrath of winter and were frozen over for much of the morning. Even the Mitchell River Backwater wasnʼt spared, with a thin coating of ice covering the water over Sunday and into Monday. The ice didnʼt show signs of disappearing until Monday afternoon.