Wednesday, 28 June 2017 11:10

Charities fed up with dumping

The Salvation Army says it intends on installing security cameras at its Bairnsdale building in order to combat a spate of blatant rubbish dumping at its premises. The Salvos say the dumping is usually worse during a long weekend. “Obviously people undertake a bit of a clean-up at home and we’re inundated,” Lieutenant David Jones, from the Bairnsdale Salvation Army, said. Lt Jones says the Salvos only want good quality items and prefer that those wishing to donate households goods to the store come inside and invite a staff member to come out and inspect the offerings. He suspects people are using the Salvation Army and other charity organisations as a way of short circuiting a trip to the tip.

“They either can’t be bothered driving out to Forge Creek Road to the recycling depot or just don’t care,” Lt Jones said. Lt Jones said it cost the Salvation Army in time and money to have to sort through the dumped belongings and take them to a transfer station. “Obviously, we’re not there on a weekend and leaving goods outside in the elements ruins them in any case so they’re no good to us. “We would prefer people don’t dump goods outside our depot but come in and see us and we can advise what we want and what we have no use for.” The Salvation Army rarely takes used mattresses and dumping them outside the depot creates headaches for the charity in disposing of them. Lt Jones says he hopes the new CCTV cameras will identify the offenders so they can be reported to police.